About us

Human Behaviour, Data Science

Nubax Data Labs is the new age technology solutions provider that can slash your challenges surrounding big data and SAP implementation. What we bring to the table is next-gen technology that can be leveraged to sustain an enterprise for the foreseeable future.

Data Driven Solutions

We at Nubax Data Labs build industry centric-solutions, with data as the primary foundation. For the modern enterprise, this approach ensures business results, fast !

A new breed of AI

For us “Automation” is when, a process is automated intelligently, rather than mechanically – That’s why we build OOTB & 90% Mature AI solutions for all industries .

Holistic Analytics

Our analytical engines ensure that your business metrics are thorough tracked and presented in a way that ensures “deep” insight into your challenges and how to supersede them .

Our History

Nubax Data Labs History

2014– 2015

Understanding challenges
Extensive understanding of varied challenges faced by the enterprises

2016 – 2017

Expertise in action
Started utilizing our gained expertise pertaining to AI & SAP to solve problems of our clientele surrounding legacy system transformations & customer retention

2018 – 2019

Solutions for medical data
Simplified challenges regarding wide-ranging prescription data for Helpinghands

2020 - 2021

ERP Solutions
Customized Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for GWC and onboarded more enterprises based in Gulf Region


Reliable and fast delivery of data-oriented solutions for our expanding client base across the private and public entities



Best-in-class solutions need a best-in-class team. Take a gander at who our consultants are and why we chose them!