Machine Learning

Machine Learning, which is one of our specialties, aims at giving deep insight into scenarios associated with processes & customers. Backed by strong expertise in Big Data, Data Management & Engineering and more we build predictive business models that are not only accurate, but also empower business owners with insight into their tangible decisions .

Nubax data labs, can be a key ML partner for you, the reason being, strong industry expertise that allows us to draw 90%+ accurate predictive models that help any business streamline their processes, improve outputs, forecast problems, reduce customer churn & more.

ML CoP of NDL:

For all the enterprises who are partnering with us, albeit across verticals, we adopt a unique way in building ML Solutions & Models, it includes:

  • Garner a deep understanding of the business model that is employed by enterprises
  • Employ a data driven/system driven approach including mining, modelling & more
  • Secure the entire data from the enterprise to run statistical models that present accurate probabilities
  • Present the probabilities for better business decision making
Why you should Choose us:

Expertise: Data lies at the core of all our offerings, which means we are empowered with the expertise in handling data. Since ML lays its basis from data, we consider ourselves the best fit for ML solutions.

Accuracy: : We use the ML-360 approach that enables us to gather every bit of data and consider every variable that ensures a 90%+ predictive model .

Aligned: For us, delivering value to your business is the key criteria; taking this criterion into consideration, we built statistical models that can give your business, the outcome you expect .