SAP Consulting

Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most crucial elements in running an enterprise. A single un-accounted variable across the organization may eventually add unnecessary costs. To avoid such instances and to ensure it is imperative for businesses to adopt ERP systems.

At Nubax data labs, we use the “ENTERPRISE-360” approach, wherein we customize and deploy SAP based solutions for the enterprise both on prem and on the cloud. Resulting in improved management of resources, revenues and more.


For all the enterprises who are partnering with us, albeit across verticals, we adopt a unique way in customizing & deploying SAP Solutions, it includes:

  • Understand the functioning of an enterprise, right to the most basic level .
  • Uncover hidden challenges surrounding processes, management & more .
  • Decide the module that best fit the enterprise business model.
  • Customize the module and deploy, after either replacing legacy systems or by integrating it.

Why you should Choose us:

Nubax carries a very strong reputation as a premier SAP services provider exclusively focused on the SAP suite of products and the unique needs of this industry segment. We have a well-earned reputation for exceeding client expectations. Our key differentiation revolves around our consultants, subject matter expertise and culture.

Focused SAP Execution : At Nubax, we've created an SAP CoE, which allows us to channelize the subject matter expertise of our consultants. The result is best-in-class and future proofed support .

Streamlined & Stellar Delivery: We believe in quality and this ideal of ours drives us to the highest operational excellence and quality in our delivery .

Customer-Centric Approach: : We always put our customers first, by ensuring consistent support, empathizing towards problem solving and catalyzing our customers' growth.

Culture: We recognize the value of cultural alignment. Our team brings hands-on approach to deploying the SAP software by having the right mix of SAP resources with a combination of industry and SAP expertise.