Data is this generations gold. But managing it or extracting insight from it is a challenging task owed mainly to three things one volume, two speed & three storage.
Nubax data labs, here can play a pivotal role for the enterprise in managing their Big Data. What sets us apart is our capabilities of managing “YOUR” data and presenting it in a way that ensures you reach your business specific goals .

Data Management Practice of NDL:

For all the enterprises, across a verticals, we adopt a unique way in managing data. Our Big Data Management services however, fall under three main buckets:

  • Cleansing of Big Data to improve the reliability of data collected from multiple sources
  • Analyze the Data collected from multiple clickstreams, devices and more
  • Store the data in the enterprises desired on-prem or cloud storage systems
Why you should Choose us:

Expertise: We bring a great domain expertise to the table spanning across most of the 10 industry verticals .

Governance & Protection: We are highly compliant when we consider data. We are compliant with all the data protection & security laws.

Aligned: For us, delivering value to your business is the key criteria and we build data models that can give you the outcome you expect of your business.