Data analytics for us is analyzing raw data and extracting trends for the business partner, in order to gain insight from that data. We at Nubax Data Labs use future proofed automated techniques and new age processes to present the current As-is state of business.

Nubax data labs, also adds another value to the enterprise partnering by revealing trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information. This information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.

Data Management Practice of NDL:

Data Analytics @ NDL:

For all the enterprises, across a verticals, we adopt a unique way in building crunching data and presenting it in a business centric way, we:

  • Determine the data requirements or how the data is grouped i.e. by demographic, income, or gender.
  • The data is then collected from a variety of sources, systems and more .
  • After the data is gathered, a statistical model is run to present it in a business-friendly format.

Why you should Choose us:

Descriptive analytics: A methodology that describes past trends, future expectations on certain specific variables, such as what has happened over a given period of time .

Diagnostic analytics: A methodology that focuses more on why something happened. This involves more diverse data inputs and a bit of hypothesizing.

Predictive analytics: Which explicitly explains is likely going to happen in the near term .

Prescriptive analytics: A method that suggests a course of action, this methods gives a business the power to make insightful decisions .