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We are an enterprise that aims to understand your challenges and build a solution that allows you to reach your business objectives, fast!

What We Offer for the Modern Enterprise :
  • Data Engineering Services
  • Purpose Built AI Solutions
  • SAP Consulting
  • IT Consulting
How We Work

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Our exceptional expertise combined with the speed at which we deliver the solutions makes us stand out. Being adept in understanding the enterprises' needs and dynamic scale, we ensure future-proofing for the long run through our services.

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How We Build Stellar Solutions


The first step to a successful customer on-boarding is by empathizing with the customers pain point .


After a thorough analysis, we design a custom future-proofed solution for the enterprise aimed at accelerating business imperatives.


We then deploy the solution either on the suited cloud platforms or on-prem instances for businesses.

What We Offer

Data Driven Expertise

Big Data engineering is one of the core competencies that we have to offer for enterprises. What entails in this aspect of services is building data pipelines, data lakes and transforming big data into business useful analytics.

  • State-of-the-Art tech to extract insights from large data sets
  • Enterprise 360 approach, which means leveraging tech to the max benefit for the enterprise
  • 24/7 support, maintenance and advisory

Machine learning, an offering of NDL is aimed at building virtual systems that intelligently automate most of the enterprise tasks. Our AI/ML solutions employ the best suited algorithms to predict outcomes across difference business scenarios

  • Wide spread AI/ML expertise applied to a large number of verticals
  • Mature OOTB AI and ML Solutions for a myriad of problems
  • Ability to crunch a large data sets without giving up on quality in real-time

We build and deploy AI-powered solutions that can cut the noise around processes and improve business metrics. The solutions that we build are always OOTB and keep evolving with each scenario. Under the hood, we use principles of Data science, Data management & Big Data engineering to develop such mature and ready to use solutions.

  • Wide spread AI expertise applied to a large number of verticals
  • Visibility into behaviors, breakdowns and more for better process management
  • Mature OOTB AI Solutions for a myriad of problems

The importance of resource planning cannot be overlooked. Since it ensures the optimal utilization of resources while, enabling enterprises to reduce costs and improve sales.

Nubax data labs takes this idea into consideration and puts it into practice by using its SAP expertise. What this vertical of our includes is customizing SAP solutions tuned to the unique needs of the enterprise

  • Custom- and purpose-built applications
  • SAP – 360 approach, which includes expertise across all modules
  • 24/7 support, maintenance and advisory
  • Advance Advisory Team

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