Simple attendance management system

SAM Attendance and leave management system app that lets you manage employees, attendance. leave records, project timelines and employee payrolls. Project Plan, Track & Manage workforce Engage employees & control cost,Contactless attendance Dashboards, Real time reports, Learning and development, Address book, Employee leaves and shift time management, User-friendly self-service functions for employees enable real-time reporting, maximizing Employee efficiency. Allows managers to control Employee costs and make decisions in real time.

Application lets you drill down to the present location of every single member of your field force along with pertinent information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments.

The Travel report gives a detailed view of the user’s travelled locations and distance, helping managers and accountants while approving and disbursing the expense reimbursement covered aims.

Attendance Management from Field Locations.

No more coming to office just to mark your attendance. Handle your attendance routine directly from the field.